10 Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone For Make Free Money Online

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone to help you to get some real cash and free money online. Friends, are you among those people who are engaged only on a smartphone? Then, maybe you will be overwhelmed to find many ways to make some bucks in that idle time that you waste online. Friends, now here is the best way for you guys, to make money with smartphones. For both Android and iPhone smartphones, we have prepared a list of the Best Money-Making Apps and real-time free money apps. These money apps will pay you to waste some of your precious time on them. If you really want to change some of your online time for some free money online, then all those Best Money-Making Apps are a good option to do this.

Nowadays, it is so very important to make money for living a better life and online, there are many ways to make money like link sharing affiliate networks, youtube, blogging and any more. In this article, today we are going to show you something so that you can earn money using some online Best Money-Making Apps for Android and iPhone.

So, let’s start this list to find out the Best Money-Making Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Cash for Apps

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

Cash for the app is a good and stable app that pays to install the app or to do a few small simple tasks. When you install the app for Cash for Apps offer, you get credit points. You can remove them as soon as the credits are received.

300 points are equal to the value of $ 1 on this app. This reward can be exchanged for points by a gift card for the store, including App Amazon, CVS, eBay, Target, Starbucks, Google Play and many more is.

How you will earn money

  1. Simply you can install the apps by the received offers through this app. And after install the offer apps your points will be a credit to your app account.

How to redeem points

  1. This app gives you $1 when you get 300 points. And after 300 points you will redeem it through gift cards.

2. Google opinion Reward

You may not know about this app that the Google Android company has owned its Android OS, which has introduced an online money-making app called Google Opinion Rewards.

It’s very easy to start this app. After downloading the app, you have to answer basic questions about yourself. Then they send a survey twice a week, although it can be either less or more. Now after you have prepared a small and relevant survey, you get a $1credit when you complete it.

3. App Karma

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

App Karma is the most popular in our Best Money-Making Apps for Android and iPhone list. By using App Karma, you can earn daily rewards easily on your smartphone. With over 1 million installs, this is the most easily-earning app that you can download for free from the Google Play Store. This app will also be available on the iOS version for you to download for free.

How is this app better than any other Best Money-Making Apps?

  1. They have more reward opportunities and highest payment proposals than any other app.
  2. The highest point of this point is that whenever you redeem a card, 5% of your point is returned to you so that you always have points in your account.
  3. This app is Worldwide, which is gift card not just in the US but globally.
  4. You can create your own referral code for your inviting prize through which you can double your earnings

4. Cashpirate

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

Cashpirate is one of the favorite apps for all of us. This is continuously being made in the top 5 in the last few years, and the payment of this app remains credible from any other app. Since the launch of this app in early 2016, everyone is earning $ 15-50 per month. No users have ever done any problem with this app from this app!

With this app, you can redeem the earned points from PayPal Cash, Bitcoin, and Amazon vouchers and also from other sources. Minimum payment is $ 2.50 of PayPal Cash.

How to make free money from this app

  1. You can make money by Downloading free apps
  2. Trying free games to make some free cash
  3. Inviting friends and get at least 10% of their earnings as a bonus
  4. You will be getting many surveys, with completing this you can get more money
  5. Free product trials
  6. Watching videos and many more

5. Swagbucks – Best Money-Making App

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

Swagbucks gives you rewards in many ways, such as searching for content in the web, completing surveys and seeing ads. Rewardable SB rewards these points by all of them. The points which Swagbucks gives to you are written from SB.

Apart from web search and advertising, there are many more ways you can earn points, such as participating in daily elections and meeting special offers with your fellow retailer mall. You can also earn referral bonuses from this app every time you refer the app to one of your friends. You can redeem your SB points gift coupons from stores like Amazon or Wal-Mart. If you like to get cash then you can just change them via PayPal. Swagbucks is one of the best apps of the Best Money-Making Apps list.

6. App Trailer

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

App trailer is also a great app for those who want to make some extra cash in their free time with their smartphone. To get free money you can do just a movie trailer, movie reviews, game trailer or game reviews and many more things.

  1. You can also get more points with some Questions Answers game.
  2. You can withdraw your money by many gift cards like PayPal, Amazon.com, Target, Starbucks, Groupon and more.

7. iPoll

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

iPoll is a best and genuine way to earn good cash on your smartphone. It gives you many gift cards for just completing surveys, simple tasks and giving an opinion.

How this app works:

  1. We’ll first ask you to provide some basic information about yourself to help them determine which mission you might like the most.
  2. Once you complete a survey your iPoll account will be credited. You can then redeem your rewards at iPoll.com
  3. One simple task can generate almost $1 to $10. So, get ready to make huge money with this simple and attractive app.

8. App Bounty

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

Over 5,000,000 installs and 100,000 of positive ranking it is a great app for making some extra can free time. You will all need to do some simple tasks like downloading apps, watching ads, complete offers and many more.

Many users have got payment from this app, so App Bounty is the overall genuine and best way to get money with part-time.

You can redeem your cash through iTunes, Amazon, Stream and many more.

9. Slidejoy

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

How many times you lock and unlock your smartphone? Guys this is a really amazing way to make some extra cash with just unlock our phone. In your lock screen, you can see some ads. With ads, Slidejoy will pay you.

How this app Works

  1. Once you register on Slidejoy, every time you unlock your smartphone, you will ads on your lock screen.
  2.  Slide UP on your lock screen to see more ads
  3.  Slide RIGHT on your lock screen to unlock your phone and go to your home screen
  4.  Use Slide LEFT on your lock screen to get more information on the content
  5.  Slide DOWN on your lock screen to access your notifications and app shortcut menu

When you get points you can redeem through PayPal, Amazon, Google Play Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Steam Wallet Code.

10. Field Agent

Best Money-Making Apps for Android And iPhone

Field Agent app is also similar and Best Money-Making App that provides simple tasks. You will get a reasonable prize for tasks that you will do. You can earn up to $2 to $12 per task. They have already paid over $12 million to agents just like us. So, don’t be hesitate and install this app and earn some real cash.

How it Works:

  1. Download the Field Agent app, create an account, and complete your profile
  2. Browse jobs in your area
  3. Accept a job and complete it within the designated time frame (usually 2 hours)
  4. Submit your work to Field Agent for inspection, and, if approved…
  5. Get paid via direct deposit or Dwolla


So, I hope you guys enjoy this article and able to find some Best Money-Making Apps for Android and iPhone smartphone. Thank you for reading this article and keep connected with us because we will provide some best apps and sites to you for making some extra and passive income.



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